Anchor Point offers an excellent variety of fishing opportunities for everyone from the novice fisherman to the most proficient.

Whether you enjoy fly-fishing or bait fishing, the Anchor River is an ideal fishery throughout the summer months and into the fall with a variety of sport fish. The Cook Inlet offers an abundance of fishing opportunities for halibut, salmon and other fish.

Fishing on Anchor River begins the weekend before Memorial Day with the opening of King Salmon season, which runs for five consecutive weekends. The river reopens the 1st of July for all species other than King Salmon and continues until freeze up. Dolly Varden enter the river in early July, peaking in late July, and will remain until freeze up; Pink Salmon can be found in Anchor River from early July through late August; Silver Salmon enter the river in the latter part of July continuing through August. Anchor River’s run of Steelhead Trout is one of a very few native runs that is accessible by the road system; this run begins in mid August, heightening in September, and continuing until freeze up. All Steelhead and Rainbow Trout in the Anchor River are catch and release.

From Anchor Point the Cook Inlet fishery is easily accessible either by launching from the mouth of the river or off the beach. Halibut fishing in Cook Inlet is excellent throughout the summer months, with the most popular fishing times being from May through September. Cook Inlet boasts two runs of King Salmon, the first being in May and June, the second in late June through July. Silver Salmon enter Cook Inlet in mid July and continue into the middle of August. Anchor Point has several excellent charters available to take you to this saltwater fishery.