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BCW has produced award winning fruit/grape blends since 2004. Our new Glacier Bear Wines are Alaska’s leading unblended fruit wine, receiving national and international acclaim for its unwavering loyalty to creating wines from 100% Alaskan grown fruit and berries. These wines showcase the unique character of our rich and wild terrain with ingredients grown entirely in Alaska soils. We are excited to re-envision what wine can be and to represent the best of award winning handcrafted Alaskan wines.

We invite you to do a tasting, tour our production facility, walk the beautiful gardens and enjoy the spectacular views of Kachemak Bay. The winery also offers high-end lodging for those visitors looking for a relaxing and romantic getaway.


60203 Bear Creek Drive

Homer, AK 99603





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Heroes Healing Homestead
Cultivating Courage, Community & Connection

Heroes Healing Homestead stands as a beacon of hope and healing for veterans, volunteers, and the community. Nestled in the serene environment of Alaska's Kachemak Bay, it harnesses the therapeutic power of nature to aid in the healing process of veterans. The homestead offers a peaceful retreat where veterans can reconnect with the earth and themselves, fostering a sense of peace, purpose, and belonging. This connection with nature, combined with the camaraderie of shared experiences, creates a unique and powerful healing environment. For volunteers and the community, the homestead provides an opportunity to give back and support those who have served, while learning about sustainable living and the profound impact of nature on well-being.



President/Director:  Atz Lee Kilcher

Vice President/Director:  Catkin Burton Kilcher

Secretary:  Anne Garrett

Treasurer:  Christina Green

Director:  Jamie Sutton

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