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The Anchor Point Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center is Anchor Point’s nonprofit advocate for local business. Working diligently with local partners, driving tourism, and promoting commerce within our town is of the utmost importance to the Chamber. Although we thrive on volunteer support, members are vital to our town’s success!


The Anchor Point Chamber has been in continuous operation since 1986 and has worked as a support organization for the community providing business promotion assistance and opportunities for community growth. Members are crucial to accomplish the services provided through the Chamber. We value your support, ideas, and commitment to our community.


I am sure you recognize the need to promote our town and continually work to enhance and grow our local businesses and community resources. With this in mind, the Board of Directors would like to extend this personal invitation to become a valued member of the Anchor Point Chamber.


Membership Benefits:

  • Visitor Center – We promote our member businesses. Brochure display and distribution is a key part of our daily operations. Members are entitled to rack space for business cards and flyers in the lobby of the Visitor Center.
  • Website – We provide our members with Internet representation on our website including contact information and an easy to follow link to your organization’s web page ensuring seamless research for our prospective visitors.
  • Networking – Chamber meetings are an excellent way to network with local businesses and open new opportunities.


Annual Events

  • May 10th & 11th 2019 – Calcutta King Salmon Tournament – No better way to get the season off to a great start
  • 4th of July Parade 2019  – A longtime favorite, we continue to keep local traditions alive


Ongoing and On the Horizon

  • With the help of our community members and residents, we have managed to bring attention to the Anchor Point Tractor Launch and Anchor Point/Beach Access Road. Improvements have been made, and we will continue to meet with State and Borough officials to bring about infrastructure, and revitalization efforts to Anchor Point!



All the best,


Bill Scott                  Cody Cunningham             Dave Driggers                    Nina Cunningham

President                 Vice President                   Treasurer                             Secretary


Thank you for supporting the Anchor Point Chamber of Commerce

North America’s Most Westerly Highway Point”