FAQ for the Annual King Salmon Derby and Calcutta

What is a Calcutta?

A Calcutta is a form of betting pool for a competition or tournament, as golf or auto racing, in which gamblers bid in auction form for participating contestants in an auction, the proceeds from which are put into a pool for distribution, according to a prearranged scale of percentages, to those who selected winners.  In our tournament, the APCOC and the winner of the Calcutta split the proceeds 50/50.

Do you have to fish the Derby to participate in the Calcutta auction?

No, anyone can come to the Calcutta auction (Friday May 20th at the Anchor Point VFW), register for the auction (which is free) and bid on any boat that is being auctioned off.  You do not need to register for the Derby the next day to participate in the Calcutta auction.  If the boat you won during the Calcutta auction has the angler with the winning fish on Derby Day, YOU are the Calcutta winner and split the entire earnings of the Calcutta auction 50/50 with the APCOC!

When is the Calcutta auction?

The Calcutta auction is Friday May 20th at the Anchor Point VFW post 10221.  Burger dinner and registration is from 5 to 6:30.  All anglers and Calcutta participants need to be registered by 6:30.  The auction begins at 7:00.

Whats the cost to fish the Derby?

The registration fee is $100 per angler. 

Whats the deal with the $20 refund?

This year we are offering a $20 refund for launching your boat with the AP Tractor Launch, and/or showing receipt for staying with an AP lodging site.  Every angler who is on a boat launched from the Tractor Launch will receive a ticket to redeem their $20 refund.  Every angler who stays at an AP lodging site will receive their $20 refund.  Max refund per angler is $20.  The APCOC is committed to promoting our local businesses! 

My family booked an Airbnb cabin, we have 4 registered anglers, do we all get a refund?

Yes, with proof of booking (receipt), all registered anglers who stayed at that booking location will receive the refund. 

How do I redeem my refund?

Bring your ticket (given from the Tractor Launch) or your receipt for lodging to the Awards Announcement at the VFW after 6:30 on Saturday May 21st after the Derby to receive your $20 refund.

What are the payouts for the Derby winners?

The total proceeds from all the registration fees are split between the winners and the APCOC.  The payouts are as follows: 1st place wins 29% – 2nd place wins 14% – 3rd place wins 8% – average fish wins 6% – APCOC 43% – $250 Youth Angler award

What is the Youth Angler award?

Coastal Realty is sponsoring a $250 award to the largest fish caught in the Youth Angler division (age 16 and younger).

What are the side bets about?

This year we are including 3 side bet categories for our anglers: $50, $150, and $200 with a 60/40 split (60% to winning boat, 40% to APCOC).  Each boat can enter one, or two, or all three categories.  One entry per boat, per category.  The boat with the largest fish caught in that category is the winner of that side bet category.  Example: 10 boats enter the $200 side bet category ($2,000 pot).  Boat ‘A’ wins the Derby, but was not entered in the $200 side bet category.  Boat ‘C’ has a smaller sized fish, BUT is the largest fish of the 10 boats entered in the $200 side bet category – Boat ‘C’ is the winner of that category.  Whoever bid on Boat ‘C’ wins $1,200 (60% of $2,000).  First priority of entering side bets goes to the anglers of the boat. Anglers have until close of registration to enter side bets (6:30 Friday May 20th).  At that time, categories are open to ANYONE to purchase entries of any boat available.  Each boat representative or buyer is responsible for receiving and disbursing the prize money as they see fit.

I’m not fishing in the Derby, can I bid in the side bet categories?

Yes, but first priority goes to the anglers on each boat to bid on themselves.  Anglers have until the close of registration, Friday May 20th 6:30, to enter any/all side bet categories if they choose.  IF A BOAT DOESN’T BID ON THEMSELVES by 6:30, then the side bet categories are open for ANYONE to bid on any boat.  You do not need to be a registered angler to bid on a boat in a side bet category, if that boat is available for bid (after 6:30 on Friday).  ALL side bets are closed at the end of the auction on Friday night.

My friend and I are fishing together.  He entered the $150 side bet category, can I also enter that one?

No, only one entry per boat, per category.  Anglers decide between themselves who pays for and how to disperse any winnings from side bets.  If he only entered the $150 category, then you could enter the $50 and/or $200. 

What are the Giveaways about?

Our local businesses have been incredibly generous with their donations! Throughout the Derby Day on Saturday, the Tractor Launch will be using a random drawing generator from all the registered anglers to select winners of the donated gifts.  Winners will be announced on VHF channel 14.

How do I pick up a giveaway item I won?

The giveaways will be distributed at the Award Announcement at the VFW after 6:30 on Saturday, after the Derby.  If you are unable to pick up your award at that time, please contact the chamber at apchamber.commerce@gmail to arrange another pick up option.

How will the payouts be disbursed?

Winners will be announced Saturday after the Derby, after 6:30 at the VFW.  Winners need to fill out paperwork with the APCOC to be able to receive any winnings.  The APCOC needs time to determine the winning amounts and process the paperwork, then will contact mail checks to the winners within 2 weeks of the Derby. 

What are the boundaries of the Fishing Derby?

These are taken directly from the regulation handbook: Boundary lines are from the South 40 line at 59 degrees and the North 3.99 Line at 60 degrees.

What are the rules of the Derby?

Full rules are available on the Derby registration form available on the Chamber website: www.anchorpointchamber.org

Highlight points the remember: Lines in at 7am, out at 4pm.  Every fish kept must be called in and recorded by the AP Tractor Launch at time of landing.  Fish must be weighed at the AP Tractor Launch by 6pm to qualify.  Boats do not need to launch from AP, but fish must be weighed in AP. 

What if the weather is bad?  What is the plan for postponing?

If the weather is questionable on the morning of Derby Day (Saturday May 21st), Todd Bareman of AP Tractor Launch will call each boat Captain by 7:00am to notify if the Derby will be postponed.  If weather is too bad on Saturday, Derby will be postponed for Sunday the 22st at 7am.  If weather is also too bad on Sunday, the Derby will be postponed for the following weekend. 

If the Derby is postponed and I’m unable to fish, will I get a refund?

The Derby rules state registered anglers must be available to fish both Saturday AND Sunday, May 21st and 22nd to register.  If the Derby is postponed to Sunday the 22nd, no refunds will be given.  If it must be postponed to the following weekend of May 28th/29th and you are unable to fish those dates, you can contact the APCOC to request a refund.  If a boat must withdraw and there is an outstanding Calcutta bid on that boat, the Calcutta Bidder will be refunded as well.  See complete rules for specifics.